Are you tired of chasing her?
A swift and untamed soul,
Always running away every time you come near
You think she’s rare and mysterious
But you don’t have a clue
she’s just as curious about you, too
But she won’t let you see her staring.
No, she just won’t let you know
that somehow you have soften a part of her
Like a hole in a wall,
One blow and you’ll send her walls crumbling
But again, she will never let you catch her.
Like a riddle, she’ll keep you guessing.
A part of her wishes her teasing would allure you closer.
But if ever you change your mind,
if ever you get tired of trying codes to her locked heart
She would feel sad,
but still, she won’t hold you back.

All that she ever wanted is someone who would stay,
Not necessarily would understand her at all times,
But would stay.

And if you can’t be that person,
then you have never loved her enough.

Then maybe you don’t deserve her heart.